Research topics

Advanced materials
  • Hybrid materials with high toughness
  • Laminate materials with designed performance
  • Shaped materials for efficient energy dissipation
  • Functionally gradient composites with low weight
  • Cost effective materials for huge objects
  • Materials with special functionality (optical, electrical)
Security of citizens and critical infrastructure
  • Building and container protection against ballistic and blast loading – permanent and mobile shield systems
  • Protective features for pipelines against dynamic threat (bullets, blast, shaped charge attack)
  • Equipment to increase work safety in the environment with danger of high speed fragments
Defense and national security
  • Personal ballistic protection – Soft ballistic inserts and hard add-on armour panels
  • Vehicle and aircraft ballistic protection – Add-on composite armours, Spall liners
  • Blast protection of vehicles – Anti mine seats
Testing and simulation
  • Basic tests of materials – mechanical characterization
  • Simulation of material performance during extreme dynamic loading
  • New test methodology preparation
  • Ballistic and blast tests of newly developed materials
Training and dissemination
  • Improving of human resources included in the project
  • Trainning of public administration
  • Dissemination of the knowledge generated in the project
  • Monitoring and sharing the current trends in the field