Memorandum of Cooperation

After the completion of the project, the partners of the CAMPT Competence Centre concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation with effect from August 19, 2020. The main executive body of the Competence Centre is the “CAMPT Committee”, with at least 1 representative from each contracting party.

The subject of the Memorandum is mutual cooperation in the following areas:

  • Scientific research and development;
  • Educational, consulting and advisory activities;
  • Services and production;
  • Promotion and marketing.

Main topics:

  • Soft target protection, vehicle stopping, system solutions;
  • Materials for ballistic protection (autoclaved composite, RPC, hybrid laminates), protective panels, mobile ballistic protection systems;
  • Advanced ballistic protection of vehicles; ballistic protection enhancement in the context of upgrading existing ballistic vehicles;
  • Composite packaging for ammunition transport and storage;
  • Advanced testing (microtomography of materials under different loading modes, material research);
  • Automotive (electromobility and its threats);
  • Composite pressure vessels – energy storage for military systems – weight saving (emergency and rescue services, automotive – weight reduction);
  • Safety research topics in the area of pipeline infrastructures (hydrogenation of gas – threat of hydrogen embrittlement of materials, advanced protection of pipeline systems).

Main forms of cooperation:

  • Cooperation in the field of scientific research activities within the above mentioned topics;
  • Mutual consultation and cooperation in the development and implementation of joint research projects;
  • Promotion of the results of the CAMPT Centre of Competence at exhibitions, conferences, workshops and in the media;
  • Setting up joint research teams;
  • Mutual use of the instrumentation and specialized laboratories of the individual departments;
  • Short- and long-term research fellowships.