Research and development
  • Advanced materials for ballistic protection and anti-blast applications – ceramic materials, polymer-ceramics hybrid materials, functionally graded materials, high-grade concretes, ballistic laminates
  • Novel solutions for safety of citizens and critical infrastructure – building and container protection, protective features for pipelines, equipment to increase work safety
  • New systems for personal ballistic protection, vehicle and aircraft blast and ballistic protection
  • Testing methods development
  • Education – workshops, conferences, human resources development, publishing
  • Ballistic and blast testing
  • Mechanical and physico-chemical material chracterization
  • Ammunition and explosives development, production and testing, ecological disposal of expired, outdated or superfluous ammunition
  • Numerical simulations of fast dynamic phenomena
  • Analyses in the field of costruction dynamics and material mechanics
  • Expert counselling and top service in the field